Those were the times…

I was talking to my mother about the time when she was a little girl and, despite the fact they were not a wealthy family, during the holidays they filled their house with expected and unexpected visitors. They suddenly opened the door and there they found family members, friends and friends of friends who arrived to spend their holiday season at my mother’s house.

I asked her how they manage to cover the expenses to feed all those people, she just stared at me and after sometime of reflection she just answered: I don’t know, we never worried about it. We were not wealthy but someway things just happened and everybody had a wonderful time.

As guests, they really didn’t help with the expenses and sometimes they even demanded more food or a different menu if they didn’t like what they were served.

-Those were other times, my mother said, we never thought of lack or that food was not sufficient. It was not in our minds. We just were happy and everything managed alright.

I sat there in silence for a while, and pondered about my own childhood.

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