Is pain a good thing?

There are nowadays too many ways to search for healing, there are too many new illnesses or at least we never heard of them before, they weren’t classified or we just ignore their existence.

Stress is making our lives really difficult and pain is beginning to be a constant companion of many people around the world.  But they say pain is a way for our body to let us know something is wrong and we need to give it our attention.

They say talking to our illness has a powerful effect on it.  I know of at least two cases of close friends who got rid of serious illnesses by ordering it to go away.

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One thought on “Is pain a good thing?

  1. My doctor told me just this week to spend a minute with my eyes closed focusing on one of my internal organs each day, envisioning it becoming healthy. We’ll see, it couldn’t hurt, right? Love to you, Hector!


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