The news


 How can I start my day in a positive way if the first thing I do is listening to the news? Reading the newspapers? Listening to the neighbour’s talk as I commute to my job? Everything is negative. Wars, earthquakes, deaths everywhere, accidents, tragedies and so forth.

So how can I read some positive books, some positive articles or try to change my attitude to start my day when my first inputs were filled with the worst events that happened in the world while I slept?

Although there are several versions and I think everyone has his or her own version about why do they have to read the News so eagerly in the morning, and there are even more “reasons” why they should or should not believe what they receive from the media.

But many people read the newspapers, listen or watch the news broadcasts because if they don’t, they have no material to comment with their co-workers, friends or family.  That is an interesting reason. Specially because most of the time, the talks are always revolving around the same opinions and concepts. Practically just repeating the same information they accepted from the media.

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