The solution

I was surprised to see myself repeating the same patterns than last year.  I couldn’t believe I was reacting and repeating the same behaviour and ideas I had a year ago.

How could I expect to make progress and have new experiences in my life if I have discovered myself red handed going through the same mental processes than the last time I had failed?

I remember reading about an experiment they did in an American university, I cannot remember which one, where they asked several students to read the newspaper of the same date but a year before.   So they were reading and comparing the news on the same date but with a year of difference and the results were amazing.

The events were not very different and the situations were repeating once more.  The stages and actors were different but the situations were extremely similar.

We are like mirrors repeating the same patterns most of our lives. Even if we know that we keep doing it all the time.  And we are still waiting to have changes and progress in our life?


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