Accept it!

Modesty could be a virtue for some and a drag for others.

We are taught from childhood that when someone compliments us we should thank that person but deny what that person it is true. We should feel embarrassed and say it is not true, even if it is true.

Then what happens is that many people take deep into their subconscious mind that attitude and even when they make something good they start denying the skills and gifts they possess.

Please do not think I am saying that we should be “blowing our own horn” all the time, but just stop using modesty as a tool so other people keep sending your more compliments.  Relearn to accept compliments without denying when you are good at something or you made a good deed.

We all have special gifts we are granted when we are born, some people discover them and apply them in their lives, others don’t, but we all have special tools in us.

So start accepting you are great! You possess special features that make you unique in this universe. So there is nothing bad in just saying: thank you! When someone gives you a compliment.

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