Release it!

When we are feeling the lack of something (money, love, happiness, purpose, etc.) we begin to cling to that we are feeling missing in our life.

That clinging will tell our subconscious mind we have fear of not having more of what we are lacking at that moment.

For example, if we don’t have enough money and we found or receive a little money, instead of being grateful and buy some food or something we need at that particular moment we tend to “attach” to that money since we are fearful of not getting more and return to red numbers. So we start thinking how to spend that money in the best way but then we limit ourselves in every option we found. That is just a bad sign for our subconscious mind since we are telling ourselves we don’t have enough and we won’t have never enough.

I am not saying you should throw that money through the window or spend it on the first thing you see on the street. But what is important here is, what you are telling yourself about your relationship with money.  The moment you feel the fear of losing it again is a red lamp for you to notice.

It is that feeling what’s keeping you from bringing more money into your life.

If you see something you like and the first thought you receive is: “I cannot afford it” then your subconscious mind takes it as your reality and that is what you get in return.

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