We have talked many times on the importance of imagination in the creative process. We are now ready to start a new cycle charged with new energy and excited to try our new tools. These tools we have been acquiring and refining during this learning period.

Every time we start something new, we start it with a mix of excitement and fear. That is what makes life exciting and fun to live.

So what about deciding to start our day every morning and during the whole day, imagining and expecting something exciting to happen?

If you knew someone is going to give you a present and he or she is looking for you to give it to you, you would feel some excitement and maybe curiosity to know what it is, right?

Well the Universe has many surprises hidden and is waiting for you to open the door to fill you with these presents right now.  But, how do you open this door?

By expecting to receive that gift.

If you expect something, that emotion will generate an energy field that will allow the Universe to deliver the “present” directly to you. That energy field will “open the door” so you can receive your present.

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