Now we are ready to start living our new life, we need to remember that we are co-creators of this reality, therefore we are a part of this Universe and everything that we do will affect the rest of creation.

If we see this world in that way, we will see that every word, thought and action will have extended repercussions.

That means that what we know as Karma will give us exactly what we put out to the Universe. Karma is a very difficult concept to define, as usual it depends on the school of Thought you belong to, and its meaning varies accordingly. But a very general definition would be that according to your deed will be your reward.  If you act well, you will get good results (some schools say double folded) if you act badly you will receive the same in return.

Leaving the definitions and details behind, what is important here is to remember that we are co-creators of this reality and we share the benefits and responsibility of the results we observe in the outside.

And if you want to be healthy then, besides having healthy thoughts you need to help others to be healthy.  If you want to have wealth you have to help others to be wealthy and so forth.

I know it sounds unbelievable but try it and you will be surprised with your results.

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