Keshigomu (消しゴム)


Keshigomu is the Japanese word for rubber (eraser), that little useful thing we use to erase mistakes in a piece of paper when we write or draw with a pencil.

A friend of mine used to carry one in his pocket and usually you could see him holding it in his hand very often.

One day I couldn’t resist my curiosity and asked him why he was sometimes holding that rubber in his hand.  He looked at me with a smile and said: -obviously to erase my mistakes, for what else?

Probably the look in my eyes was so puzzled that he decided to give me a deeper explanation.

He told me he was trying to change his pessimistic thoughts and attitudes every time he discovered his mind playing him a bad trick and falling into those old bad thoughts and habits he hold the rubber in his hand and repeated mentally: erase, erase!!

That way, by holding a physical object in his hand he was able to change his inner inertia and change the direction of his mind.

This method worked for him, and finally he was seeing positive changes in his life so, I think is a good thing to try.

In a former article called “Crutches” I mentioned the danger and advantages of using “tools” in order to change our bad habits. And I must confess that I have found “solid objects” to be, in some situations, very useful. So when we start learning new inner changing techniques, they become very useful.

I remember once I was very nervous because I was working in a television series and I was having a long scene with a very famous and excellent actor who had been in the business for many years, so having a scene interacting with him in a long dialogue was a very big responsibility.

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