Don’t argue

When things are going exactly in the way we don’t want them to go we usually get angry and start arguing with ourselves, with God, with our friends or family or just with all the above.

One thing we should keep in mind before wasting our energy complaining to everybody is that when we do that, we are actually reaffirming that situation and therefore we are creating more of the same.

Arguing with your current situation won’t help you in any way. It will create more tension in your soul and it will harm you in more ways than you can imagine.

What would happen if you got mad with a big rock and then, grabbing a steel bar you start hitting it with it? Well, not much. The rock might get a few scratches and the steel bar would get very hot and your hand would get a bad burn. That is what happens when you start arguing with your situations.

You get really mad, your stress levels go up, your liver resents it and so your whole body. You end up tired, frustrated and with different illnesses in your body and soul and the situations remain unchanged.

Yes, that is what usually happens when we decide to argue with the world and the seemly negative events that suddenly arrive and surprise us.

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