I am looking at my past

I felt released when I realised that what I was looking at was not really a permanent condition. This awful event was just the result of yesterday’s fears.

So therefore I all I had to do next was to be very conscious of the thoughts, actions and states of mind I should have to counterattack this result I didn’t like at all.

That helped me to understand that instead of falling immediately in despair for something I didn’t like to see manifested into my actual situation, I should try to find the “root” of the problem inside of my head.  -What was I thinking before this event happened?, -How was I feeling about this situation that attracted this result?, -What was the mind-set that provoked that things arranged themselves this way?


Questions like these are rarely asked when we are trying to find the root of a problem in order to get rid of it.  We usually search for the “cause” outside, and most times we even need to find an external agent to blame for our problems, and although that is a very comfortable way to justify our present situation, that method will not solve the problem, and on the contrary, it will assure us that we will keep repeating the same cycle again and again.


Until we really decide to make inner changes, if we want to see them reflected in our reality, we will be condemned to repeat the same mistakes again and again ad infinitum.


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