The mine

I guess you have heard the story of the man who bought an old abandoned gold mine and after digging a little at the place where the previous owner had gave up digging, he found the richest gold vein in the region.

Just when the former owner had given up and abandoned the mine, the new owner just had to dig a little deeper to find the treasure.

Have you ever asked yourself if that happened to you in some area of your life?

Have you ever dropped a project, a dream or just the hope to continue something that was significant to your life?

I am sure you have felt many times that feeling.  You are doing all you can but suddenly you just cannot bear it anymore, you feel you have done all you can but now you just cannot carry on any more or you just don’t know what to do next.

You have tried every technique, every method, every philosophical and/or religious current but every day things get darker?

Well, welcome to the filtering point.

This point is where either you will succumb to your moral and physical fatigue or you just decide to continue “just a little longer”.

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