Your treasure

There are just too much information on the media about what we need to know for having an abundant life, a prosperous business, the healthiest body and a wonderful love life among other things.

Most of that info addresses a full gamma of “new knowledge” that has been created to adapt it to our modern circumstances and if you look around carefully you can find very interesting material out there.

After some centuries of “educating” humanity to see themselves as “sinners”, “worthless”, “undeserving” and other niceties brought to us thanks to most religions around the world, it still surprises me that “formal” education at universities and colleges around the world do not make room for the most important of all subjects and tools for success and advancement for every human being.


They claim that they will provide you all the tools you need to be the best in your profession, all the information you need to succeed and be a “winner”, but so far I haven’t yet found a study program at any of these high studies institutions to give the best knowledge to master the most important tool for success: Your self-worth.


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