Yes we need to keep in mind that our mind is creating our reality, yet we cannot make the birds live in the water and the fish fly across the sky because we are not the only being on this universe. As I have mentioned many time before we are co-creators.

And that is a good thing to consider, since the whole responsibility does not lay upon us. We are every second co-creating with the rest of co-habitants of this universe.

So bad news to all my egotistical friends: “No, the universe does not turns around you” Your reality does, but not the whole creation.

That is just a little reminder to look around us and look at the people who shares this vessel called earth.

I remember an old poster I saw once in London that said: “There is not such thing as strangers, only friends we haven’t met”. I don’t know the author of that quote, but it is so true.

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