I have failed

Yes, I admit that I have failed in the past, I am failing now and I certainly will fail again in the future. I have never said I am a flawless being and I´ll never pretend to be one.

Actually I am glad I have failed many times for I am now a more experienced person and I prefer to admit my failures and remember the lessons learned than boast only my achievements.

I know many people want me to live in guilt for my mistakes, but I won’t do that either, I have forgiven myself and I am terribly sorry for hurting the people I have affected in the past and I might be affecting in the present, but the only way I am going to get over this situation is to start everyday anew.

So if you don’t see me suffering all the time for what I have done wrong, is not because I don’t care or I am a bad person, I have just decided to forgive myself, for it’s the first step to really help myself and others, I have learned from those mistakes and now I am doing my best for creating a new and bright present.

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