Writing for attacking?

I have been reading a lot lately, all kind of articles, books, magazines and newspapers.  Being in the media have taught me a lot about information.

Most people feel they are left behind or “out of the game” if they don’t read a newspaper every day or watch the news on TV. They say we need to “be informed”. But do they know that they are not being really informed? They are given the perspective, the opinion, the belief or just the information they are allowed to receive.  They are actually receiving the information the Editor or redactor is giving them, and most times is not the whole truth about what is really happening.  We can see many examples lately on the international news.

We are told the news, showing the events depending on the convenience of the one reporting it.

But that manipulation of information and mentalities is not an exclusive of the news agencies of the world. We can see that kind of behaviour on the internet as well.

Blogs, articles, comments, posts, and twits, etc., are filled with aggression. They write using “strong” words as a way to make their point noticed by the masses. Do they really think that attacking others and using “harsh” words will people take them as real “authorities” on the subject?

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