Choose your costume

I have always admired the way women spend time choosing their attire and accessories when they are going to attend a special event.

I usually just choose a suit and a tie the same day of the event and, in a few minutes I am ready to go, but women go to a thousand stores, just to choose the dress, then spend hours on shoes, stockings, scarves and so forth.

Then they finish the day going to a few other stores to find the “right jewellery” that go with the dress and finally the purse. And sometimes this adventure lasts a few days to complete.

I think that is the reason they look so gorgeous when they appear at those big events, they search, the visualise themselves at the event, they plan in advance, and visualise once more, they take their time searching and trying and, the main thing, they ENJOY the process.


I think we men, should learn a lot from this method.

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