Receiving, why is not here yet?

Often people ask me why they don’t receive what they are visualising or requesting to the Universe and although there are too many reasons why that is happening, one of the reasons I found more often as the main cause for not seeing in our lives what we are wishing for is very simple: we are not ready or willing to receive.

Probably you have been working on your attachment problems and now you could give away many of your earthly possessions without a fuss, but what about receiving?

I have a friend who is very unattached with her things, if you go to visit her and you like something there she could very easily give it to you, if she sees you really like it, I have seen her giving away paintings and little sculptures and things like that, even a very big and expensive mirror once, but the interesting thing I was able to witness was when one of her friends decided to give her a brand new computer with all peripherals and a huge flat screen monitor.

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