When I was a child and someone was leaving, we used to say: good luck! As a way to say good bye, we actually didn’t mean to wish that person good fortune or good results. It was just an expression. Just that.

With the years that expression lost popularity and nowadays when we “wish good luck” to someone, most people would automatically answer: “there is no such thing as luck”. Which by the way, is another “ready-made expression” now.  With some other “prefabricated” answers.

So luck does not exist, nevertheless if you search for a definition of Luck on-line or in dictionaries and encyclopaedias the amount of information about the concept is amazing, you can find more than 200 books dealing with that concept alone. An amazing result for something that does not exist.


Anyway, we can find (If you want to read the rest of this article and others like this please visit this link: Click here )


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