Read now, before is too late!

I was in shock! I was writing my article this morning when suddenly this Lady appeared and asked Don Carlos Hernández (the man in charge of a place in where people go to listen to music and study), if she could donate her books to that place, since her children no longer wanted to read. “All they do is to turn on their computers and other electronic devices, and never talk to us or read a book any more”, she said.

I know that we can find now all the information there is on internet, I am online every day, I was there when internet was born and I love technology, but I must admit that I prefer to study a complex subject on paper and enjoy reading a novel in an good old book.

But recent studies in different universities around the world are finding interesting but disturbing facts about the way our brains are now forming new shortcuts to read the information on the internet.

Our brain was not designed to(If you want to read the rest of this article and others like this please visit this link: Click here )


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