Be happy but don’t stop there

I was wondering how would I feel If I had everything I needed right now.

Well you’d feel really happy and satisfied, that would be the obvious answer and yes, I agree, I could feel happy and relaxed, indeed, but would I stop right there?

If you could have everything you wished for right now, would you just stop doing anything else? Would you spend you days laying on a couch watching television and nothing else would matter to you any more? After all, you would have everything you ever wanted.

Well, do not worry, your life wouldn’t be so boring, human nature always will find something new to be desired. At any moment you would like to be somewhere else, eat something new, meet new people, find a new hobby, etc.


Our life is meant to be l(If you want to read the rest of this article and others like this please visit this link: Click here )


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