Your smile

I was looking at him while I was waiting for the traffic lights to change so I could cross the street. He was a middle age man with old and dirty clothes who look very upset, people around him passed by his side ignoring him, or at least trying to pretend he was not there since he was speaking in loud voice something I couldn’t understand, he look more and more upset as more people passed by his side looking to the other side.

I wasn´t sure what his problem was but he look very disturbed.  The cars finally stopped and I was able to cross that wide avenue. As I approached the other side I was able to see that he remained on the other side, he didn´t cross the street when the cars stopped.  So he wasn’t mad for not being able to cross, he wasn’t in a hurry as the rest of the people around him.

When I finally got to the other side, I kept watching him, trying to guess why he was so upset.  He suddenly noticed I was staring at him and aggressively looked at me from my toes to my head. When he looked at me in the eyes, I just smiled back.  He stood there looking puzzled, I guess not many people smiled at him during the day, and suddenly he gave me the most wonderful and bright smile back to me. He smiled with his whole face.

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