Believe and tolerate.

One of the main problems Quantum Theory has been facing since its beginnings is that it goes against too many concepts and bases of traditional physics.

The old school of physics is always measuring everything it can, to admit it.  As long as they can measure the phenomena, then it exists. But they have been encountering many events they cannot explain with their traditional baggage of knowledge. So they need to invent work theories to try to find new answers or new paths that lead them to those new answers and then is when things get very complicated.

Some scientist call Quantum Mechanics as “fairy-tale physics” for they cannot explain what they are observing in the quantum world, but no matter what anybody says, Quantum Theory is the most tested and verified set of concepts in human history, and nobody can deny its validity anymore.

When we try to “bring” to our local reality these concepts things get complicated since they are mainly applied in the molecular realm, but as thoughts are part of an even smaller and complicated universe, we are able to try to apply some of the concepts there as well.

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