We all have heard the expression: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” And in a certain way that is what we do all the time.

You make thousands of decisions every day, what shoes will you use today? Are you going to drink coffee or tea? Will you take the bus or finally walk a little? Will you take this as a miracle or a regular event? Etc.

It is difficult to understand how complex this whole decision system really is, if you are a chess player, you might understand the way strategies in that game are planned: “before you make a movement you try to foresee all the possible responses to our move” That would be the ideal scenario for taking decision in our daily life, but the number of options that are opened after we made a decision are huge.

It is difficult to understand the calculations needed to know the number of possible movements in a chess match after moving a piece. Imagine the number of possibilities you open when you take a decision in your daily life.

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