I was feeling calmed and relaxed as usual when suddenly I found a friend whose favourite hobby is watching the news channel.  In just five minutes into the conversation he had given me the main headlines of the day and they were all appalling, bad news about tragedies, accidents, frauds, assassinations and so on.

I was amazed of the amount of terrible incidents in just one night, and how my friend was able to update me with the last news in just a few minutes. When he finished his “report” I asked him the practical application of that knowledge.  I swear I didn’t ask that in with a bad intention. I was just surprised with his “eagerness” to learn every detail of every note, I haven’t met anyone with a better memory for details than him. Not even in my years into the radio and TV business.

He was surprised by my question and I was surprised by his reasons. He believed everything the media said was the absolute truth. And he considered his duty as a citizen to be “informed”.  And what are you doing with that information to have a better world? To be a better person? To help others to be better human beings? It is so easy to criticise and list all the solutions we would apply if we were in the presidential seat, but speaking in a coffee table saving the world is a common practice.

But the real problem is we are excellent to find the solutions for national and international politics, but we are not able to do something to make our life better.

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