There is the magic!

The ant had fallen into the sink full of water and was not moving at all, there was not a sign of live in her little body, probably she had spent the whole night there. I took her softly and put her on a napkin to try to absorb some water from her body. I leave her there the whole day.

When I came back home I had completely forgotten about the poor ant, so when I entered the bathroom I was surprised to see her on the same place I left her. I felt sorry for her and decided to put her body in the garden, but when I was about to do it, I noticed a slight movement in one of her antennae, I thought I had imagined that, so I waited for a while. Then with the help of a magnifying glass I was able to notice another movement in one of her legs.

I put her under a light bulb to increase the temperature and after a few minutes she “awoke” completely. She began to move slowly and then started to search her way back to her home. I placed her near the path the other ants usually transit and there she found them, they “shook antennae” like we shake hands and then continued her journey back to her home.

I was so amazed to see a real “miracle” in front of my eyes! I could have sworn that ant was completely dead after many hours in the water and the whole day laying on a napkin motionless, I would have never imagined she could “come back to life”, but she did and I was so happy to witness that event.

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One thought on “There is the magic!

  1. As a kid i couldn’t understand how others did not see the beauty and magic in everyday things, as i got older i started loosing sight of it myself. Until i have experiences like this and i am reminded of how amazing things are!


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