The plan

One of the things I use to hate when something unexpected happened to me, is that people, (usually my family), asked me: “now, what are you going to do?”

I was not even recovering from that event when they were already asking me, what I was going to do about something that was, well… unexpected.

Sometimes I thought it was just a typical sentence to say when something bad happened to them, but when I saw their faces really expecting a satisfactory answer from me in that moment, I knew they were really expecting that answer, and if what I answered from my confusion was not considered a good answer they immediately began to criticise and give me all the reasons why that wouldn’t work, they never gave me any good options though.


When you feel you have to solve or answer immediately to something you never foresaw coming, your mind gets into anxiety and obviously the decisions, words, and actions won’t be the best, coming from that mental state.


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