Her father was concern about her behaviour, she was always so defensive and very aggressive when she tried to make her point. When she was confronted about her attitude, she just couldn’t understand why they others complained since she was not “attacking” anyone, according to her she was just expressing her views, if the others considered that she was very “energetic” or “expressive” then it was not her problem, or at least that is what she always said.

From the outside you could see a very aggressive young girl speaking in a loud voice and making hand gestures that could be interpreted as “aggressive gesticulations”. But as soon as you talked with her about her concepts, you realised immediately that she was not really aggressive, it was just her personality. She was very “intense and energetic”. It was just her personality.

Of course to other people who didn’t share her “energy level” she was just a very aggressive person who “attacked” everybody around her.

She was surprised to know that other people, even if you would like to keep reading this article and many others like this one please click HERE


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