A new cycle

A cycle is just a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order. Just as the day precedes night and spring precedes summer and then comes autumn, then winter and the cycles begins once more. Actually there is no beginning nor ending.

The same happens with every kind of cycle. A school year, a relationship cycle, a work cycle and so on.

Then how can we start a new cycle so we can change the things we didn’t like and get out of the inertia that is keeping us repeating the inner cycles that we need to get rid of.

The only way to “get off” a cycle we don’t want to repeat once more is making a radical change, so you can overcome the inertia, (that property of matter that keeps the same state of rest or motion unless changed by an external force).

And that radical change could start with a mentality change. Leaving an old habit behind and replacing it by a new good one.  Retaking a good habit you have abandoned in the past, but that it would be a good habit to have now, since it could help you in the present to reactivate desirable circumstances.

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