They were asking me for my opinion on some artwork pieces they were choosing from, for an incoming exhibition.  As I am not an expert or critic of art, I remained silent most of the time, watching how every time someone spoke out their opinion on a painting or sculpture someone else revoke the concept giving their own and very different opinion about it.

It seemed like a strange contest where everybody was trying to “debunk” the other, it turned out very funny and at the end of the session we all laughed about it, since it made so evident the variety of our tastes and ideas about what art is and what that exposition should contain.

After realising how ridiculous we sounded contradicting each other’s ideas, the whole thing turned into a funny game.  We actually changed the subject of our “contest” to politics, sports, religion, and life styles and all the things you are supposed to never discuss about to avoid altercates. But we had decided to take this as a game-experiment and the results were very interesting.

We were not experts on any of the subjects we were discussing about, nevertheless we all had a “fixed”opinion on every subject no matter what it was, and I mean a “fix” opinion because we took our concept as the only truth. Even if we didn’t have a direct experience or knowledge about it, we spoke with total authority on those subjects, most of them were based on comments, media, talks with friends and family, etc.

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