Few years ago I was invited by a friend of mine who was a famous model to see her at a fashion show in London.

There were many not so famous models as part of that show too, but my friend was the “main attraction”.

The show was produced by a team of very nervous and hectic people who were taking care of every detail with extreme care. So as you can imagine, everybody were extremely nervous and tense. Even I was very nervous and I was just a guest, I was not taking part of that event, but the environment was so tense that I couldn’t help tuning into that stressful frequency.

You could see people running around like crazy doing a thousand things at the same time, I was very impressed to see how many people worked to make that show possible.

There were some young girls who were debuting that night and they were very nervous for they were going to share the catwalk with my friend and other personalities, they were trying to look their best, knowing that opportunity could “find” them that night, the press would be present and that meant that their image would be “exposed” to the media and that could mean a change in their career for ever.

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