The traffic was appalling, the rush hour was about to end and everybody was tense and desperate to get to their jobs on time. It is not only the pressure to be on time to avoid problems in the office.  It is the load of problems, frustrations and fear we are carrying around within us.

As a friend says: “Only you know what your are carrying in your bag”, referring to the emotional load we all carry sometimes silently, other times openly, but we are all carrying around emotions that sometimes jump suddenly triggering reactions and attitudes we thought we had left behind some time ago.

Nevertheless, they are in there, in a latent state, waiting for an event to trigger them out and surprise us in the less expected moment.

But don´t feel bad for falling back into an old negative emotion, anger, jealousy, insecurity, doubt and many others that are part of our human nature, so there is no need to feel ashamed for allowing them to visit us once in a while.

The difference here is the time you allow them to stay in your heart and mind.

You can suddenly be surprised by an external event that triggers emotions like anger or fear or doubt, but now that you know those emotions do no good to your whole being, then do not let it stay within you for long.

Allow it to appear, acknowledge its existence, and end the process, let it go now.  This time you are free.

If you don’t let that bad feeling or emotion to harm you by overstaying in your system, then you made an excellent job. You have followed your nature by allowing yourself to react in a human way but, you didn’t allow negative energy to overload your heart.

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