Ok, be a pessimist

A friend of mine told me he was sick and tired of listening to people telling him to be an optimist all the time.

He hated to see young and old people smiling like idiots everywhere expecting for things to get better, since they rarely improved.

He called pessimists: “Optimists with information”. And his arguments make sense in many areas.

It is true that optimist make riskier decisions since they are expecting things to go well all the time and, when they don’t, I have seen people going down very easily saying optimism and the Law of Attraction don’t work for them.

Pessimists usually are more cautious with their health, since they get sick more often. So they usually have to watch what they eat more thoroughly and keep their eyes open when things get difficult for their health.

Optimist live longer but their relationships might be harder when they have to live with a pessimist at home. Relationships for pessimists usually go smoother since they have less expectations from other people.

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One thought on “Ok, be a pessimist

  1. You are so right when you say there is a little of both in all of us. I was on a downer for 5 years with no light at the end of the tunnel. I have turned that pessimism into optimism and now I look forward to getting up and going to work, hoping to make a difference and brighten someone else’s day.


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