A little tweak

I was enjoying the view from the top of a mountain near the Everest. I was sweating and panting despite the cold weather, but the effort to reach that peak was just too much for a city person like me.

It was a rough walk and although I have always enjoyed walking for very long periods of time, climbing this mountain was not an easy task.  It took us a few hours and going through difficult parts and some tough experiences too. But we were finally at the top and enjoying a breath-taking view of the Chomologma “the mother of all mountains” Tibetan name for what we call Mount Everest.

The Sherpa (guide) was amused by my happiness, since he does that everyday and doesn’t represent any special effort, so he asked me if I had known before what is needed to get there to enjoy that view, would I have accepted to do the trip?. I said that probably I wouldn’t have done it.

“That’s why I never tell them”.  If you all knew what it takes to get up here, most wouldn’t dare to do this trip.

And while enjoying the view, I kept pondering on that for a long time.

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