We are not as “left alone” as sometimes we feel we are.

We are born with our own gifts and virtues but we are not completely “on our own”. We might not see it or feel it in a more tangible way but there are much more around us that our senses can perceive.

I am sure you have heard many times about the “sixth sense”, “the voice of your consciousness”, “your intuition” or whatever other name you want to use for it.

There are millions of stories of people who in one way or the other had been in touch with “beings or entities” from a different plane. They call them ghosts, angels, messengers and so on.

Tags here are not important, as usual, but the main thing here is to remember that you are not “abandoned” on this planet with no tools or help available.

And one of the main tools you need to re-learn to use is: Silence.

In silence you can discover many “links” with other planes and many other tools you can use in your everyday life.

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