I have heard a lot about being egoist lately. Some say it is the worst thing you can be if you want to advance in your spiritual life and others say that being egoist is an act of self-preservation.

I believe that, as usual, this is a problem of definition.  What some people define as egoism in others, could be defined as self appreciation when applied to themselves.

A very important aspect when taking decisions in our daily life.  Once again I would like to refer to that old saying: “A well must be filled of water first, before it can give water to others”.

If you are not well yourself, how can you help others? How can you give others what you don’t have for yourself?

It’s like the instructions they give you in a plane on how to use an oxygen mask, they tell you to put yours first and then help a child or someone else to put it on.  If in the process of helping someone else to put the mask on, you lose your breath and there is no oxygen around, you won’t be able to help anyone else, not even yourself.

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