Following the pattern

We have been told all our lives that we should be ourselves.

“Be yourself” we can read in many texts throughout history. But the main problem is that they never taught us how.

Especially nowadays when all media are telling us what to wear, what to buy, how to behave, what’s the trend for next autumn, what are the best devices to use and what vocabulary should we use for communicating with others.

And what happens if you decide to do something “different”? Well everybody looks at you as if you had just landed on planet Earth from OutSpace.

You are immediately judged as old fashioned, ignorant, boring, unadapted and many other awful tags.  Then under this pressure many people prefer to “fit into the pattern” in order to avoid criticism and being pointed at.

This pressure forces some people to renounce to his own individuality, but they prefer that, than having to fight against the current.

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