We hear a lot of people criticising the way others behave. We judge them according to our own parameters, but we ignore the reasons that made those people to act the way they did.

I am sure you have been judged many times, sometimes you found out later, but most times you didn’t, but I am sure you would be surprised to know how your actions impressed other people and how they made a wrong judgement, but never stopped to find out from you, the real reasons for your decisions and behaviours.

When you start your spiritual journey and you begin to apply the new knowledge you have obtained, many of your family or friends in your close circle began to notice changes in your personality.  Sometimes they tagged it as a good change, some others they tagged it as a weird change. And in the end, you will see that once you are vibration on a different frequency they will begin to walk away from you.

This is not bad or negative, they are just vibrating in a different frequency and therefore they no longer find your company “compatible”.

It is alright to walk away from people who don’t make you feel appreciated, loved, accepted etc.

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