Over thinking

We have always heard advices about thinking well before taking decisions in order to avoid painful mistakes.  But how long is too long?

We need to analyse circumstances and events everyday, we need to assess carefully the consequences of our actions, but do you know what happens when we overdo our analysis?

For instance, you feel like going to the movies, there is a movie you are dying to go and see but you don’t feel like going on your own. Then you think about asking your best friend to join you but, then you stop to think about the last time you went with him/her.

“Maybe he/she won’t like this movie, last time she/he kept complaining about your taste in movies”,”Maybe she/he is busy right now and I don’t want to bother”

“The movie will end too late and transport at that hour is hard to find”,”besides these nights have been very cold and humid so I might catch the flu”

And after some “reasoning” on this tone, you finally decided not to go, you feel sad but you feel even worst when you find out, next morning, that your friend went to see that movie with a mutual acquaintance and they really enjoyed the movie.

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