Word exercise

One of the best exercises I have ever tried to get results in amazing ways is the “good words exercise”. Have you heard about it?

Well it consist in every time you open your mouth to talk about something, force yourself to speak only positive words.  That’s right! Not an easy task, but forcing yourself to speak only good positive words will keep you from talking tragedies, gossiping and criticising.

It is harder than it sounds, we are so used to speak bad about everything around us that if you don’t practice constantly, it is very easy to fall back into bad talking.

Even when you need to ask for a favour, a pay rise, a loan or whatever you need, if instead of leaning on the tragic side, you use a positive language you are more likely to receive what you need.

If you are going to talk about someone you are nor very fond of, then you will need to refer about that person in positive words, that will force you to “look for” the good aspects of that person, and you will see how “magically” that person will change with you, for you have changed your perspective of that person.

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