She was really struggling to climb up the stairs at an underground station. I could notice she said something with ever step she climbed. She was around 60 years old, so she was not so old as to have such difficulty to move, so I thought she could use some help. I approached her offering my arm so she could use it as a support.

She just smiled and grabbed my arm at the same time she kept repeating: “I am so weak now”. I kept my silence while she slowly climbed each step of those long stairs, and every step she repeated the same words: “I am so weak now”.

I was very curious to know why she kept saying those words, so I couldn’t resist my curiosity and asked her why she kept saying those words every time.

She just told me that she reminded herself all the time that she was now old and useless, so she could accept her actual situation: her age and overweight.

I tried to explain to her the importance of the words we talk to ourselves, the dangers of self programming in the minutes we took to reach the top of the stairs, she just looked at me a little annoyed and just answered: “look mister, I am an old soul in an old fat body, I have been like this all my life so don’t tell me how to talk to the good ol’ me”

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