Do it now

Few years ago he began typing his thoughts in his laptop where he kept them hidden from the world.  He was just trying to put his ideas in order and writing was a wonderful way to put some order in his chaotic mind.

Besides he didn’t need to watch his “style” or “spelling”, he was writing to himself. So that would give him even more freedom to write his thoughts without the fear to be judged or not liked.

That environment allowed him to fully express his ideas, feelings and thoughts in a way he had never dreamt of.  He was hooked.

He could spend hours writing without taking a break and he was actually enjoying it very much. Sometimes the moon would surprise him shinning on his face like a reminder it was time to stop and take a rest.  Most times he was surprised to realise it was night already, when he had started writing in plain daylight.

If someone had asked him to write that long, he would have refused the offer for he would have been afraid of doing such an abusive job.  But it was his own initiative, nobody had forced him to do it and you know well that when you do what you like, time seems inexistent.

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