The green leaves

We don’t really need to go very far or spend a lot of money to learn big lessons, observing nature is one of the most fulfilling and inexpensive ways to learn from life itself.

A little palm tree was all brown and sad since they have put it in a park where I often take long walks. It was a sad view.  But Don Carlos Hernandez, the man in charge of the park told me that plants are like human beings, they sometimes like the location we choose for them and other times they don’t.

I was sad to see the poor tree dying, but Don Carlos told me it wasn’t dead, the brown leaves is just the way to let us know the plant is not liking something in its environment.

He just took the plant from that place and planted it on a different spot in the garden.

A couple days later I was amazed to see the transformation of that palm tree, the brown leaves were still there but in the middle of the tree you could see green leaves coming out as if the tree were telling us it was happy in its new home.

The tree cannot talk but some way you could “perceive” the change in its energy.  It was not only the little green leaves coming out, it was an indescribable “something” that you could notice in it.

Don Carlos told me that these if you would like to keep reading this article and many others like this one please click HERE


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