The wall

We have all met a dead end in our paths. We are suddenly walking freely with no obstacles on our way when after the first turn we find a dead end, a big wall right in front of us that makes us stop in an abrupt manner.

Then we need to decide what to do next. Stay there looking at the wall trying to figure out some way to climb it, go through it, under it or whatever other option we might find. Or we can just turn around and search for a new path to continue our journey.

We cannot say one option is better than the other, since every case is different and should be analysed deeply before deciding one option or the other, but what is important is to do something about it as soon as we can because killing time, more than a murder is a suicide.  We are the ones dying, time will prevail.

We are all procrastinating something in our lives. That is, we are staring at a wall in front of us for a longer time than is required. And we can spend years staring at it waiting for the right time to do something about it. Sounds familiar? No? Then you need to look closer.

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