The evidence

It is strange how good we are to find all the reasons why we won’t be able to achieve certain goal, or why we are not good enough to reach a certain level of success, or even worst, why we don’t deserve to be happy, healthy, wealthy, etc.

In part, is the general programming we all receive, the way we compare ourselves with the false images we see in others and the harmful fake modesty that leads us to a low esteem.

I am not saying that you should “blow your own horn” loud and clear all the time, no, but you shouldn’t keep putting you down in front of others so they see how humble you are.

A healthy self-appreciation is very important.  A good use of pride is helping you to rise your self-imposed thresholds and go higher every day. But as everything in this live, overuse will lead you to arrogance and going to that extreme of the scale, is as despicable as throwing yourself in the floor so others will pick you up, (the other extreme of the balance).

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