The difference

The little child walked every day the muddy road to go to school and back home.  The people of his village, have been complaining about the mud for a long time since it was very slippery and dangerous to walk, especially for elderly people.

The little boy liked to walk on the mud and feel its cold texture refreshing his feet.  He took his shoes off and walked all that road in bare feet so he could experience the cold mud filling his whole body with a special energy only he could feel.

His mother scolded him every night and asked him to clean his feet before getting into the house because she hated the mud on her floor and actually his whole family were mad with the boy for his love of “mud-walking” as he called it.

One day he went to a party in the centre of the town with his best friend. They ate everything they were offered at the party and after having a great time that day, the next day both were in bed with a strange intestinal infection.

The doctors were puzzled because both children had arrived to the hospital with the same symptoms, nevertheless the “mud-walker” was completely cured in a couple of hours while his friend had to remain in the hospital for three whole days and in a delicate state.

Some investigators were amazed by his prompt recovery and when they began to ask him about his life habits, he just answered them than he was sure it was the mud, the cause of his fast recovery.  He told them that he had read how in India people had cured many diseases for thousands of years with mud packs. He was convinced his body had absorbed the healing properties of mud through his feet and therefore his body was “cleaner” and that was the main reason he healed faster than his friend.

The investigators who were real scientists, began making some researches about the possibilities of the healing properties of mud and clay and were surprised to find out that there thousands of reports around the world of people having interesting results with mud packs.

Thanks to the inspiration of that little boy, many people in that town have been helping others healing from different illnesses with mud packs. Besides several universities around the world are doing research of the different minerals contained in mud and clay that could help many people to regain movement in their bodies.

That little boy trusted his inner voice and instead of seeing mud as something filthy and undesirable, he “felt” it was something good that cleanses his body and gives him health.  Now his whole family has adopted the “mud-walking” habit and many are getting good results with different conditions.

I have wonder how many times do we throw away or take certain things for granted that could help us heal and avoid many problems of all kinds. Just because everybody sees them as “useless” or “unorthodox” and we don’t take the time to try to find their “hidden gold”.

Maybe we could see beyond our regular concepts, if we decided to search for the good in the “common” things in this world and I am sure a whole new “universe” would appear in front of our eyes, to enjoy and experience in ways we have never dreamt of.

Take the chance, I am sure you won’t regret it.

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