The answer (Personal note to self)

And he was talking so convincingly, he looked so confident that the people around him believed every word he said. His gestures, his tone, his arguments were so strong and powerful nobody doubted his word.

If he said something it had to be the absolute truth, after all he had travelled the world, and studied for so many years.

His speech was forceful and very animated, a little loud sometimes, but the crowd was ecstatic and the enthusiasm was felt everywhere in the place.

So if everybody was so excited and marvelled about it, why I wasn’t feeling the same way? Probably I have heard the same speech too many times. Maybe I have already passed that philosophy and it was too “basic” for me, or maybe it was so advanced that I haven’t been able to really understand it. In any case, I was getting bored to listen the same old same old.

An old gentlemen who probably perceived my annoyance, approached me and told me thatif you would like to keep reading this article and many others like this one please click HERE


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