“How can you be so enthusiastic all the time? Can’t you see the word is upside down?  Terrorism, war, hunger, economies and governments crumbling down, all that, and you dare to smile all the time?”. That was the way a friend of mine received me this morning.

“Your false happy attitude can bother many people around you” he said.

I stood there watching him in silence.  When he finished talking I just answered: “First of all I am not smiling all the time, although I should smile more, second, I don’t have a false happy attitude, when I feel happy I am happy, when I am sad I feel sad, but I don’t need to put on a mask to impress anybody. I just decided to be happy in my own little world and try to share that with anyone who is open to it.” Was my response.

What happened? I asked him. He told me he had to see a very difficult client that day and that he just couldn’t stand the way that client talks to him.

I asked him to see that person not just asif you would like to keep reading this article and many others like this one please click HERE


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