A typical question I am asked all the time is if you could avoid bad things to happen to you and your loved ones through visualisation.

We can alter our results, our own perception of reality, our bad habits and ideas and create all the good things we need in our life.  But we are not living alone in this plane.  We are not the only creators of this universe. 

And believe it or not, there is an “intelligence” in nature that moves many strings in the world around us. A seed is loaded with information on what height the plant has to grow, its shape, colours and all the details that should be followed to build that kind of plant.  Same for animals of all kinds, you and I included.

Many people blame God for the bad things that happen to them all the time, although few of them thank him for all the good things they receive every day. But even if you don’t want to believe in a God, we cannot deny the existence of external “forces” that “control” certain events we have no access to.

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