It’s nice to see people getting excited when spring arrives. Many expect the moment of the equinox to welcome the season of rebirth.

Everything flourishes and the world seems to renew itself everywhere.

The weather changes and in most places the heat brings new hope for new Life to appear. 

As we have commented many times before, everything in nature is expressed in cycles.  We tend to see the four seasons as something poetical.

For example, we talk about the flowers in spring, the sun and the ocean in summer, the poetry of falling leaves in autumn and the beauty of the white snow lying on the mountains in winter.

So if we are so used to see the cycles in nature, how come you forget to see and accept the cycles in you?

I haven’t seen anyone telling a tree: “I am sorry for the lost of your leaves” during the autumn season.  I know many people, especially children who expect the first snow with joy, they even forget about the cold and slippery roads for a while.

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